Strategy and Positioning Advice

We advise companies on the impact that political, social and economic developments can have on their business models. nuances focuses on how to best strategically position clients in order to achieve optimal results. We think in solutions – not of solutions.

Our mission is straightforward:  to increase the client’s economic value. Our diverse team has interdisciplinary backgrounds and understands how to successfully navigate the regulatory environment. This allows us to minimise client risk and identify opportunities.

Strategic positioning requires a thorough knowledge of the regulatory frameworks in Germany and across Europe. At nuances, we make it our business to understand the implications that the interaction between politics and media have for our clients.

A key element for successful positioning strategy is alliance building. We facilitate ongoing relationships with relevant decision makers. This ensures that the client’s interests are adequately represented and that the client's message is understood.

Synchronise Communications

Synchronise Communications

Public Affairs focuses on the political environment. Public relations addresses the general public. Investor relations communicates with the financial community. Together they address a complex web of stakeholders and issues. nuances translates the specific implications of policy, legislative and regulatory changes in order to synchronise the activities of public relations and investor relations accordingly. Our understanding of all three areas allows us to focus on the key details within each one and combine the most important elements. The result is a customised strategy for our clients that reflects an executive boardroom perspective. This focused approach is a key pillar of our core competency of bridging public affairs and business development.